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US digital asset fund, venture capital firm to raise $100 million for two new blockchain funds

Mar 9, 2023

NEW YORK, March 8 (Reuters) - Alpha Sigma Capital, a U.S.-based digital asset fund, and Transform Ventures, a venture capital firm, will raise $100 million for two new funds focused on the blockchain and so-called decentralized Web 3.0 ventures, Alpha Sigma founder and Chief Executive Officer Enzo Villani said on Wednesday.

Transform Ventures, founded by crypto investor Michael Terpin, also merged some of its assets with Alpha Sigma's parent to form a new holding company called Alpha Transform Holdings. The latter will oversee the two new funds.

Terpin in 2019 won $75.8 million in a civil judgment against Nicholas Truglia, who was 21 years old at the time and part of a scheme that defrauded Terpin of digital currencies, according to court documents. Truglia along with other participants stole 3 million tokens from Terpin's cellphone account in early 2018.


Alpha Sigma, Transform Ventures Partner on New $100M Crypto-Focused Funds

Mar 9, 2023

Digital asset investment firm Alpha Sigma Capital said Wednesday it received investments from blockchain capital and research firm Transform Ventures and its founder, Michael Terpin. The investments will go into a new holding company – Alpha Transform Holdings, Inc. (ATH) – and toward two new funds with a total of $100 million in assets under management.

The new funds include a new Alpha Liquid digital asset fund and the Aegean Fund, a closed-end venture capital firm that will focus on early-stage equity investments in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technology companies. Terpin also made a personal investment of $2.65 million denominated in cash, bitcoin and ether with an option to invest an additional $2.9 million.

ATH said it will have an asset management arm that includes the Alpha Sigma Capital Web3 Fund, Alpha Liquid and Aegean Ventures. The Alpha Transform products arm includes Alpha Sigma Capital Research plus Transform’s Blockchain Wire news service and Content Syndicate distribution and market intelligence products. The final Alpha Transform Strategies strategy aims to provide end-to-end solutions for digital asset companies.


Transform Ventures launches holding company for blockchain with $100M AUM

Mar 9, 2023

Transform Ventures has co-invested in a new holding company in what it states is an effort to accelerate blockchain investment and innovation. Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) aims to support the blockchain ecosystem through investments via two new funds.

ATH was created by merging select assets from Transform Ventures and Alpha Sigma Capital’s parent company, which will include two funds amounting to $100 million in assets under management.

According to an announcement shared with Cointelegraph, the new assets include majority ownership in Content Syndicate, a Transform Ventures-backed content services company. Moreover, the investments will fund the creation of two funds: the Alpha Liquid digital asset fund and the Aegean Fund.


Transform Greece welcomes George Pothitos as Operations Manager of the Middle East

Feb 17, 2023

Mr. Pothitos will be leading Transform Greece in the Middle East. His companies have done business in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Qatar.

He has been visiting Lebanon since he was very young with residency in his adult life 45% and 70% of his professional business. He grew up from an entrepreneurial family with the Lebanese ruling elite. He came from a family with the largest names in hotels and nightclubs, co-owner of Palm Beach and Excelsior hotels, stakeholder and manager for Cave du Roi & Crazy Horse. His stepfather's family, the Rifal's are directly linked to the profit Mohamad and present in Lebanese judiciary at a level of President of the Supreme Court or Constitutionalism.

He has created 4 S.A. paramedical entities with doctors and has been an advisor / consultant to the Lebanese Football Federation, a position never held by a non-Lebanese national. He created a charter service consortium to Crete and another which was awarded catering in the Athens 2004 Olympic games.

His wife is in the Greek Embassy and Consulate in Lebanon for 19 years. His insight extends to the various possibilities of entering the European Union from refugee level to top investment related immigrations.

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