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We are the Gateway to Greece

TRANSFORM GREECE © has a strong and versatile network inside the Greek business spheres and develops opportunities specializing in strategic investments to drive positive change for clients, our people and the society at large.

TRANSFORM GREECE © is a partnership with Mentora Development and Transform Ventures. Mentora Development is a development company based in Athens, Greece specializing in strategic investments with serial entrepreneur Alex Hatzimihail. Transform Ventures is founded by serial entrepreneur and investor Michael Terpin.


Michael Terpin
CEO, Transform Ventures


Alex Hatzimihail
CEO, Mentora Development

Our Expertise

Through our creativity, intelligence, and global knowledge, we deliver outstanding solutions and add value to our clients.

To achieve global peace and prosperity, we strive to ensure that a free flow of people and capital between countries - for trade, tourism, labor, and investment - is achieved.

Alex Hatzimihail

Our mission is to enable families to invest and live in countries of their choice and to assist governments in creating value for their countries and people. Every action we take has a positive impact on the individuals we touch and the outcomes we create. People of all backgrounds, regardless of their place of birth or citizenship, benefit from what we do to make their lives safer and more enjoyable.

Why Choose Us?

As with our clients, we are especially focused on providing impeccable quality and practical advice. Based on four principles, we ensure that our firm consistently meets the high expectations of our clients:

  • Our services will only be offered if they can be of genuine assistance.
  • Providing a high level of professionalism and personal service to our clients.
  • To find the best solutions available by means of a rigorous and efficient approach.
  • To base our business on honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.


Michael Terpin walks us through history.